Crafts and Knitz

Today we are meeting Nicole from Crafts and Knitz
She makes cozy handmade knits and accessories for the whole family and tells us how she incorporates her love of ice cream into…. knitted goods??


Hey Nicole, why did you start your business?

“Ever since I can remember I’ve loved arts and crafts, and this love followed me into adulthood. Quite a few years ago, my aunt taught me to knit and it became a hobby that I quickly fell in love with.

Ever since then I have been knitting and crocheting in my spare time. It has always been a dream of mine to own a small business and share my love and passion for crafting with others. A couple years ago I decided to start selling my products at a few small local craft fairs. Fast forward a couple years, and I figured why not see where this passion leads me and open a small shop? And here we are!”


So I heard you love ice cream?

“You may notice that my yarn colours are named after ice cream flavours. That is not a coincidence. I love ice cream and thought it would be fun to bring all those delicious flavours into my shop!”

OK, now that you are smarter, older and wiser, what advice would you give to 20-year-old you?

“Do what makes you happy. Take the time to travel and explore the world while you can.”

Ready to check out her sweet creations?
Check out her Etsy shop!



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