5 Etiquette Rules for Social Media

5socialrulesHappy Canada Day! Let’s start July off with some etiquette rules for social media!

1.  Always, *always* tag the original source of your photo. Tag the original creator of the photo and not just the account that you found it from. This helps businesses get exposure and it gives them credit for their work. They will also be incredibly grateful that you showcased your work and it may open new doors for collaborations.

2.  Do not edit other people’s photos without their permission. We have all done this: Repost a photo and put a filter on it so that it “matches” our feed more coherently. It seems innocuous but the original poster likely spent a lot of time editing their photo so that it conveys the message they want it to. When you slap a filter on, you could be misrepresenting the businesses’ product.

3.  Do not follow to unfollow. It is distasteful and makes you look bad.

4. Don’t ask strangers for free stuff for exposure. You wouldn’t do it in real life (I hope), so don’t do it on social media either.  Build a connection first and show that you have genuine interest and support for their business.

5. Remember there is a real person on the other end who is sharing their thoughts with you. You can disagree, but be tactful and nice about it. There is no need to be snarky or judgmental. And hey, guess what? If you don’t like what they’re posting, you can unfollow them.  BE A KIND PERSON.  

Do you agree or disagree? Let’s hear it!! Comment in our chat below!

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