When You Hold a Handmade Item…



When you hold a handmade item….

You are holding the fruits of labour of a sleep-deprived mom who worked on your order during naptimes and midnight hours after the kids fell asleep. She probably answered your questions and processed your order while breastfeeding a baby.

Her husband probably told her more than once to put down her phone but she said, “I can’t! I’m doing a loop giveaway!”.

There’s a good chance little hands have touched your order, perhaps even helped with parts of it. There’s an even higher chance that your order was made while the kids were watching TV in the background and #momguilt hovered in the air.

She probably fussed over every minor details and constantly showed it to her spouse. Their conversation probably went like this: “Do you think this is OK?” To which her spouse likely said, “It looks great!! You’re just being picky.” She probably ignored him and re-made parts of it until she was completely happy with it. At this point, the price probably doesn’t justify the hours of labour already spent.

You can tell she’s really proud of her work by the careful way she wrapped it up and wrote #happymail and #handmadewithlove all over it.

After she mails it to you, she’s waiting to see if you give her a review. When you send her a photo and tell her how much you love it, her heart overflows because 1) something she made is making someone else happy and 2) she has social media content (yaay!).

Maybe your handmade item is allowing a mom to be “more than just a mom“, maybe you’re the reason she can stay home and cuddle those kiddies all day long, or maybe you’re the reason the dog gets extra special treats.

For certain though, when you hold a handmade product, you are holding something very, very special.

We may have never met, but from one small shop owner to another — I get you and you’re doing great! Comment with your favourite maker down below!

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