Last month we did a call out for donations for Baskets of Love Down Syndrome. Nicole, from Happily With Love, was one of the small businesses who stepped up and graciously made a donation. Today we are going to meet the owner of this beautiful shop located in Toronto, Ontario. 

Hi Nicole!! Can you tell us how your business started?

Happily With Love started with the simple idea of creating a cake topper for a friends shower, and evolved quickly from that (I’m the type of person who has a thousand different ideas running through my mind in a single day!) I enjoy a good idea and really loved creating these beautiful pieces from scratch! I’m most in love with the fact that people will use these plaques in some of life’s most memorable moments – from pregnancy and birth announcements, to those first amazing months with your little babe, they really do pull at your heart strings!

What advice would you give to the 20 year old you?

I would have loved to tell myself that it’s okay to take some time to figure your story out. Take a year off and just travel, enjoy being care-free with little to no real responsibilities, do things that you’ll never have the time to do later on! Those were the years! 

See more of her beautiful stories at

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