Bee Pure Apitherapy: Organic, eco-friendly products from the bees

This week, we are meeting Amanda from Bee Pure Apitherapy. Her business is SO COOL! Her shop carries natural organic skincare and eco friendly products made with key ingredients found in the bee hive and combined with carefully chosen premium ingredients from around the world. Let’s find out more about her business!

Hey Amanda, how did you start your business/brand?
It all came together when I developed an interest in bees and beekeeping.  I discovered so many wonderful benefits of honey and the by products from the honeybee (Bee Pollen, Propolis, Royal Jelly etc.) This led me to further my education by taking an Apitherapy course from Europe. During my studies I began to play around with what I had been learning and make products that were all natural, healing and healthy.  Once I found the perfect formulas for my products, I felt the desire to make these products available to everyone, who like me, desired to use products that were based on an organic formula.

Share a fun fact with us!
As much as I really do love keeping bees, I have since discovered I actually have an allergic reaction to bee venom.  Every trip to the hive demands that I wear a full on bee suit that covers me from head to toe.  Even then my little friends find their way into my suit where I fail to properly zip it all the way.  Fortunately, I have my trusty homeopathic remedy, Apis mellifica, to remedy the reaction to the occasional sting.

What’s the biggest challenge of running a small business? (We know it’s not that glamorous behind the screen!!)
Besides being an entrepreneur, I am also the wife of the most supportive husband and mother of three wonderful children.  While they are the most important part of my heart and life, I have discovered that running my business feeds another part of me!  I find that I can manage my deadlines and get product out the door to customers, and that provides much satisfaction.  What is a big challenge for me is social media.  When it comes to keeping up with my instagram and other social media sites, I struggle with keeping them interesting, meaningful and current.  

BEE-cool and check out their eco-friendly products at

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