About US

Hey there! We are Kellie and Sally, the two-woman team behind For The Small.  Located in beautifully expensive Vancouver, Canada, we are both mamas with full-time jobs, two kids, and a side business each (Parkside Home & Co & Eggie Baby). We met through social media and bonded over algorithm changes, a love of small shops, and the challenges of being a mompreneur.  After hours of chatting into the wee moonlight hours while breastfeeding our babies, we are now virtually inseparable (get it? “virtually” LOL).  It’s like the modern Internet dating story, but instead of swiping right, we tapped “LIKE”.
Once the honeymoon stage was over, we decided to do something about social media’s frustrating algorithm changes.  We created For The Small to help small businesses grow. We get it – it’s hard being a scrappy small business and even harder when social media is limiting our reach. At For The Small we host giveaways, follow loops, feature small businesses on our social media platforms, blog and e-mail newsletter, and connect small business with other small businesses and influencers.
Our mission is very simple. Sally and I are working for the small people in our lives. For the small business. For the small goals that lead to success.
Hey friend, thank you for being here and welcome to the mom-mance!
For The Small- Meet _ Mingle-80
*For The Small – Meet & Mingle April 2019 – Taken by Indi L | IXLphotography @ixlphotography (https://ixlphotography.wixsite.com/mysite)