Giveaways & Events

Hi there! Over here at For The Small, we host a variety of growth events that will help you grow your business.  This page will have an updated list of all our ongoing events and how to sign-up.

Instagram Giveaways

We host 20-second giveaways that are well organized and quick to enter.  They are open to North American small businesses (small shops, brick and mortar, influencers, bloggers, etc. all included!).  Please take a moment to fill out our giveaway application form below if you would like to join us!  There is also detailed info in the form below. We book about a month in advance so don’t be surprised if we do not contact you right away. If you’ve signed up once, you do not need to sign up again. We will re-invite you once you we’ve gone through a few giveaway loops. 

Small Shop Giveaway Sign Up Form HERE 

(For all small shops who want participate in a giveaway where the prize is small shop credit or items; there is no buy-in as you are required to contribute a prize) 

Influencers Giveaway Sign Up Form HERE   

(For influencers, bloggers and brand reps who want to participate in a giveaway where the prize consists of small shop credits or items; there is a buy-in)

PayPal Cash Giveaway Sign Up Form HERE 

(For all influencers, bloggers, small shops, brand reps, small businesses, etc. who want to participate in a giveaway where the prize is a lump sum of Paypal cash; there is a buy-in)

For The Small Instagram Follow Loops

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These are incredibly popular!! This is a great way to discover new accounts in your niche and to extend your reach to new customers. This is open to all small businesses, brand builders, influencers, brand reps, etc. (Sorry, no personal accounts but you are more than welcomed to play as a follower!). These loops last for 24 hours and occur twice a month. You are required to post the follow loop image, share a story, engage with the other participating accounts, and follow everyone who follows you back.  To sign-up, DM us on Instagram.


Non-profit events: For The Small X Baskets of Love


Have you been wanting to incorporate social good into your business model? For the giving month of October, we are teaming up with Baskets of Love. They are a non-profit organization that welcomes new families of babies with Down Syndrome into the community by gifting them resources and items. Any small business or influencer account that donates $100 worth of products to Baskets of Love will receive: a blog post on our website, an Instagram feature, and a GHOST SPOT in one of our giveaways. A ghost spot means that you gain all the followers without having to do any work! Thank you to the amazing shops who donated items to this inspiring organization: Crafts & KnitzLara Gomez, Grey + BeauHappily With Love, Bee Pure Apitherapy, Tink & Evie2

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